✊🏿Banner making✊🏼

📆18 & 19/05/2023 14:00-18:00📆

🗣NL+FR+EN facilitation

On the 18 & 19 of May, B.R.A.V.E.’s café will transform into a communal craft room for our banner making sessions. We would love to invite you to come and create some banners, signs, slogans, etc. with us, and to share some nice, reflective and fun moments in a relaxed atmosphere.

During these creative writing & drawing sessions at B.R.A.V.E. We want to remember that pride started as a riot and is still a protest. We also recognise that not everyone can or wants to go to protests, which is why we have set up the space with the freedom and option to create together, or alone-together*.

Come and enjoy/share a part of this process and atmosphere whether you are creating banners for yourself or for someone else to use. We look forward to sharing and holding space with you!

This moment and space will be facilitated by Aru Lee, Eline De Clercq, and Leïla Saïd Bounoua.

🎨Some materials will be at your disposal, including fabrics, cardboard, paint, markers, paper, sewing material and machine, etc. Feel free to bring your own stuff for your banner(s)/sign(s), or to give to the communal stock if you wish.

📚Some inspiration will also be available such as music, videos, songs, poems, books, etc. You are also welcome to bring your own inspiration for yourself or to share with others in the space.

⚠️Our space is sadly not accessible to people with reduced mobility: a step of approximately 20cm is present in front of the main entrance, a wood plank of 7cm lays across the side entrance, and some interior doors are less than 80cm wide.

🧃Sober space, no ambient music, no pressure to socialise.

If there is something we can do to make your visit more pleasant, don’t hesitate to tell us via email at braveasbl@gmail.com


Aru Lee (they/them) is a poet, researcher, dramaturg and workshop coordinator. They like to use poetry to raise awareness about societal injustices. For B.R.A.V.E they will facilitate conversations around the materials brought in for the banner inspiration for pride, to help with the creative writing process. Along with tips/advice for reflective poetry.

Eline De Clercq (she/her) is a visual artist interested in lesbian identity and ecology, her practice combines painting, writing, drawing, gardening, film, photography… For B.R.A.V.E. she will set up a shared drawing table for designing banners together.

Leïla Saïd Bounoua (elle+masc, zhe/zer) is a visual artist, activist, curator, tattoo artist and co-founder of B.R.A.V.E. Through zer transdisciplinary approach, zhe loves to explore the notion of identity and hope to work for a shift of paradigms. For this session, zhe can help you with the sewing aspects or lettering challenges of your banners if you want.

*Alone-together is for people that would like to attend the sessions but create banners/slogans/signs etc alone instead of a joint creation with someone else in the space. The ‘together’ aspect indicates that you will still be surrounded by people, and can choose to connect/socialize with others while working on your own creations or take some space in the silent section provided.